Podcast 5 “Eczema with Dr Mughal” & podcast 6 “Melanoma, Eczema and Rosecea patients special”.


Podcasts 5 & 6

We recently collaborated with Skin Care Cymru and Dr Avad Mughal in recording two new podcasts. In the first podcast Dr Mughal discusses Eczema pathology, manifestation, steroid phobia and impact on daily quality of life. Dr Mughal is a Consultant in Dermatology and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer with Swansea University. In the second podcast we sat down with three patients who have experiences of Eczema, Melanoma and Rosacea.

We are aiming to have these released late May. Updates will be available via our website and social media pages.

Thank you to Dr Mughal, Julie Peconi and guest speakers for volunteering their time with us.


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