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Welcome to our podcast series from Mind & Skin. Our podcasts aim to raise awareness of the psychological impact that a skin condition may have on a person’s mental health. In addition, we aim to increase the profile of pscyhodermatology. We will provide an alternative theme for each podcast and will have different guest speakers from various backgrounds to provide a wider understanding of the paradigm.

We also hope that people who listen to the podcasts will be reminded of the fantastic and dedicated work that our NHS does everyday.

Podcast 1: “Psychodermatology, an introduction”

Our first podcast is presented by Simon Oates, CEO of Mind & Skin and graduate from the University of Brighton. In the first half of the episode we will be introducing the paradigm of psychodermatology. In the second half we will be holding a Q&A. These are questions from our supporters who have sent in questions prior to us recording this podcast.




Simon’s comment’s “This was my first podcast experience therefore the content in the podcast is more focused or “less conversational” because I was referring to research and literature. In addition, it was a solo podcast. I hope everyone finds the content interesting and that it generates further interest in the field”.

Follow the link below to listen to our first podcast:


Podcast 2: “Simon Parker & Holly Dillion discuss vitiligo and psoriasis”.

In our second podcast Mind & Skin were joined by Holly Dillion and Simon Parker. Holly and Simon share their experiences of living with psoriasis and vitiligo on a daily basis. In just some of the podcast they discuss personal relationships, dating, advice for dermatologists and developing self-resilience. We hope that fellow patients will feel more connected in knowing that there are other people in the wider community who might share similar stories and experiences.


Simon Oates’s comments “Simon and Holly were fantastic in sharing their personal stories with us. It is not always easy to be open and honest when discussing personal experiences and they deserve much praise for this. They are both inspirational people and we aim to work with them much more in the future. Thank you to Holly and Simon for sharing their time with us. Please check out their blogs in following their experiences with psoriasis and vitiligo”. 

*Please note at the start of the podcast there was local building works which may arise in the podcast. In addition, there are some slightly adult themes in this podcast.



Holly & Simon’s blog pages:

Holly (GetYourSkinOut): www.getyourskinout.com

Simon (simonsvitiligoblog): www.simonsvitiligoblog.com


Podcast 3: “Dr Bewley: Dermatology Consultant”.


In this episode we were joined by Dr Bewley who is a Dermatology Consultant at Barts Health NHS Trust, London. Tony is also chairman of PsychodermatologyUK. In this episode we discuss the psychological impact of having a skin condition, patient empowerment and the need for improved communication between patients and health care providers.


Simon’s comment’s ” One of our charity aims is to promote communication between patients and doctors. We were honoured to work with Tony in delivering this podcast. Tony is a pleasure to work with as he is very informative and helpful. He uses his influence as a respected practitioner to stimulate new research and debate within psychodermatology. We hope you find it interesting and educational to hear from a doctor’s perspective”. 

If you would like to learn more about Dr Bewley and PsychodermatologyUK please follow the link: https://www.psychodermatology.co.uk/

 Please click on the link below to listen to the podcast:



Podcast 4: “Dr Ruth Taylor: Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist”.

For this podcast we were joined by Dr Ruth Taylor who is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist. In this episode we discuss the relationship between the skin and the psyche and communication between patients and doctors.



Simon’s comments’s “It was very interesting to hear Dr Taylor’s experiences and expertise from a psychiatric background. Dr Taylor provides an informative  and concise understanding of psychodermatology. Thank you to Dr Taylor for sharing her experiences with us”.

* Please be aware we were working in a live clinic therefore some background noise does arise at times.

Please click on the link below to listen to the podcast:


Coming next: “Eczema with Dr Avad Mughal”.

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