Biological Biosimilar Survey Information Sheet

Biological Biosimilar Survey Information Sheet

You have been invited to take part in this survey because you require a biological medication for treatment of a specific medical condition. Your participation will enable better understand of the needs of patients on these types of medications and the issues surrounding changes to medication, involvement in shared decision-making and any educational needs.

The NHS is currently looking to the future to see how it can best deliver services that are safe and of high quality. Any change to services must incorporate new advances in medicine; take account of budgetary restraints whilst still providing services that meet patients’ needs.

Part of this process will be to review costs of treatment and compare with alternatives that may provide the same effect at a lesser cost. However, it is important that any changes to treatment are discussed with patients and the benefits and disadvantages clearly considered.

Medications are one of the areas where changes may be made to provide the same level of treatment but at a reduced cost. For instance when you go to the chemist for over the counter medication you will have a variety of options with a variety of costs for the same treatment. NHS England has outlined some Good Practice Principles to ensure that any changes in patient medication will be communicated and managed correctly.

The Patients Association want reassurance that these good practice guidelines are being adhered to and that patients are well informed. Also, that they are fully involved in shared decision-making about the best treatment for a specific condition. This is essential for all patients affected by the recent NHS England decision to promote biosimilar in place of Biological medicines.

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Who we are

The Patients Association is a national independent health and care charity, listening to patients and speaking up for change. We have a long history of investigating people’s health and care concerns, supporting and advocating for patients and promoting good practice amongst health and care professionals concerns[

Help us improve care

The NHS is trying to find ways to reduce costs but not quality.

Biological medications for conditions such as arthritis, Crohns disease, psoriasis to name a few are one of the areas where savings could be made by switching to a bio-similar drug at a lesser cost. If you are taking these medicines the Patients Association want to hear what you have to say. We’ve launched a survey ‘Medications for Specific Conditions’ to find out how you feel – share your views by logging on to our

You are also invited to attend our focus group to explore the topic and give your views in more detail at the Studio – 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP on 20 September 1:30-4:30pm. Refreshments provided. Contact to register your interest. Places are limited so book early

Our helpline can help with health and social care queries:

Email:   Tel: 020 8423 8999 Twitter: @PatientsAssoc





Podcast 2018 updates

Podcasts 2018

Mind and Skin are the only organisation actively stimulating dialogue in psychodermatology through podcasts with clinicians and patients. We want to not just reach a national audience, but an international one too. There is a large range of topics to discuss in the paradigm of psychodermatology and we aim to bring it to you, whether it is at home, on the move or in the workplace.
In 2017 Mind & Skin aimed to release several podcasts, however due to costs of producing these we have struggled to meet our ambition. However Mind and Skin have now reviewed how we will be delivering these podcasts and hope to deliver them within 2018.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have already participated or are booked in to record a podcast. We appreciate you volunteering your time to support our goal.
If you are a patient, dermatologist, psychologist or nurse and feel you have something important and positive to contribute in a podcast, please contact us here:


mind and skin podcast setup



We rely almost entirely on voluntary donations to fund our work. Your donation will help us raise awareness of the psychological issues that dermatology patients may encounter and provide talking therapies that will help increase self-esteem, reduce stress and improve the physical and psychological aspects of a dermatology patients skin condition.

The most effective way to help us is to donate. This can be done on the links below with BT MyDonate and JustGiving.



Skin Matters 2017

Skin Matters 2017


Skin Matters 2017 is an interactive conference for all those with a skin condition, including psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, vitiligo, acne, ichthyosis, alopecia, mycosis fungoides, lupus, pityriasis and all other skin conditions that are difficult to treat and manage.

Many of the most common skin conditions are often stigmatised, involve a daily treatment regimen, or share common symptoms, triggers or biological pathways. Skin Matters 2017 aims to help all those with a skin condition to better understand an inflammatory skin condition, so as to learn how to manage it for life.

There is currently an overwhelming amount of information available on the internet, but no filter to ensure that what you’re reading is qualified, reliable, evidence-based knowledge. This event is therefore being led by renowned dermatologists, psychodermatologists, nurses, skin-focused researchers and patient advocacy groups.

The aim of this event is to help as many people as possible to feel more in control of their skin condition, and more confident about their future. We will discuss a wide range of topics including conventional treatments, alternative treatments, better access to treatments, coping strategies, greater support and the latest research.

The event is being held at the home of the Wellcome Trust charity in London (almost opposite Euston tube station) on Saturday 20th May from 9.45am – 5pm. The £32 ticket price includes lunch, afternoon tea & cakes, and refreshments throughout the day.

Full details can be found on the website and the email for any queries is







University of Oxford: Research


Research Opportunity


Researchers at the University of Oxford would like to hear your feedback on new websites for young people about skin conditions being acne, eczema, psoriasis and alopecia. If you would like to help with this, please get in touch via this form:

Feedback is welcome from anyone, whether or not you have had a skin condition yourself and regardless of age.








Guest Speaking Events


Here is a list of Mind & Skin guest speaking events for 2016:


NHS Academic Programme 

Mr Oates will be speaking to junior & senior Psychiatry Trainees, Consultant Psychiatrists and GP Trainees on the following dates:


Edgware Community Hospital

21st October 2016


Chase Farm Hospital

10th November 2016


St Ann’s Hospital

16th November 2016



* Please note these are private events and are not open to the general public.


If you would like more details about our public speaking events please contact us here:




Skin Care Cymru: My Skin Swim Event

Our friends at Skin Care Cymru are having a fantastic Swimming Event next month in Wales. For more details, see below:

Skin Care Cymru’s inaugural

Comfortable in My Skin Swim Event


Saturday May 7, 2016

People living with skin conditions can sometimes feel excluded from regular activities such as swimming. To tie in with the onset of warmer weather, Skin Care Cymru and the Wales National Pool in Swansea have partnered up to offer a private swim session to those who may feel traditionally excluded from swimming in public spaces. This event will be called Comfortable in My Skin and will be open to all those with skin conditions in Wales and their families.

This event also provides an opportunity for those with similar conditions to meet and to share their stories in terms of condition management, offering support to each other.

We anticipate a maximum of 75 guests. We will ask guests to register for the event beforehand to allow us to cater for the numbers attending.

Event Timetable:

4:00– event set up

4:30 –pool closes to the general public, guests arrive

5:00 – 6:30 pools open for swimming

6:00 buffet and refreshments served

7:00 close

For more info, download the PDF:

Comfortable in my Skin SCC Swim Event 07.05.16


*Please note Mind & Skin will not answer queries concerning this event. All enquires should be made to: 


PsychodermatologyUK 2016 conference

We will be attending the PsychodermatologyUK conference this coming January. Our CEO will be giving a speech about the charity’s achievements and future plans. We look forward to seeing you there!



Fashion Advice – Be.You.

Hello everyone,

We have teamed up with Rena to provide fashion advice for our young persons support service Be.You. 

Here, Rena gives advice on embracing your own creative style and utilising a fashion stylist.

We hope you enjoy the article and thank you to Rena for helping us out!




For more details about Rena’s excellent work please check the links below.






Vitiligo Society Open Day 2015

Hello everyone, we will be attending the Vitiligo Society Open Day “Living with it, Managing it, Beating it”on October 30th 2015. If you are attending and would like to know more about us and our services come over and say hello.

Hopefully see you soon.

For more details about the open day please follow the link: