Welcome to Mind&Skin


Mind and Skin is a charity that aims to improve the daily quality of lives for skin disease sufferers. We will provide “talking therapies” for our service users. We help dermatology patients by increasing their self-esteem, reduce stress and manage the physical and psychological aspect of their condition.

The charity will generate new research to lobby and influence health care policies so that dermatology patients can be offered “talking therapies” from their local health care provider. We aspire to promote improved communications between Government, all health related officials and their patients.

Mind & Skin is a psychodermatology charity that was established late 2013 in the county of Sussex.
We are the only dedicated psychodermatology charity in the UK. We have a board of trustees who are responsible for the direction and governance of the charity. The charities services are delivered by a combination of staff members, volunteers and official advisors.